There’s pain in her voice that is indescribably soothing. She’s at home when she’s belting on stage. She is a performer with a rare vocal instrument, no doubt.”

Sterling Gafford, Sofaking News

There is a tender yet dark vulnerability to her writing [...]. Listeners are quickly drawn into compelling narratives that ebb and flow from light hearted tales of love to longing and loss. The deceptively simple sounding guitar progressions provide a complementary layer to the lyrical framework.”

Denton Dallas and Beyond

I wasn’t the only one that was affected. The crowd grew on the side street as members of the thick throng parading by on Commerce [Street] were pulled in by the sound.”

Bill Chance

With vocals, song lyrics and structures reminiscent of Tori Amos, Leonard Cohen and Amanda Palmer...this record will permeate you to your core. Soulful, haunting, happy and heartbreaking...It mesmorizes in its complexity and depth.”

James Burns, The Social Rantings Podcast, on "Love You Always"